The fact is, almost all floors can work if you have pets, but you’ll need to be aware of different needs and priorities so you can take the proper precautions.

For instance, laminate can be a great choice because it's so durable and scratch-resistant.  It does have wood byproducts in it, however, so spills (such as from toppled water dishes) should be wiped right away.

Hardwood can be fine, but pet nails can scratch and dent, so keep them trimmed.  Also, be mindful that wood can be damaged by water so don't let puddles stand.

Tile is waterproof, but this flooring can be cold and hard, and that can pose a problem for senior, arthritic pets. It’s an easy fix, though. Layer it with area rugs but be sure there’s padding underneath so the rug doesn’t slip.

What does pet-friendly truly mean?

The biggest concern isn’t about pet accidents, but traction. If you have a pet who loves to run, a slippery surface will cause skidding, bumping into corners and possibly causing injury.

Best floors for pets

Some flooring is more pet-friendly than others because it answers ALL needs.

What we’re about to say will probably shock you, but one is carpet. Some of the newest technologies have made rugs very pet-friendly.

Some fibers, such as EverStrand (You may also hear it under the brand name “SmartStrand”) have stain resistance built right into the fiber.

As for durability, manufacturer Mohawk tested it in a rhinoceros cage for two weeks. In the end, the carpet was intact, and stains easily hosed off.

Triexta, also by Mohawk, is said to be as durable, if not more so, than nylon. You’ll also see this under different brand names.

Waterproof flooring is also one of the best

This flooring is another version of luxury vinyl, a stylish and extremely realistic mimic of wood, tile or stone.  All vinyl is waterproof, durable, soft, warm and flexible. 

Both you and your pet have something to appreciate!

When you get it with an advanced core, such as WPC (wood plastic composite) or SPC (stone plastic composite), it offers a higher level of protection from water and moisture, as well as making the vinyl even thicker and more durable.

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