Big results, little changes. 

Then good timing, because that tax refund may also be around the corner if it's not in your hands already.

The remodel all starts with flooring because that is what changes the entire atmosphere of a room. It's known as the biggest expression of personal style and it’s also why a popular design phrase is “Design from the floor up!”

The flooring doesn’t need to be a complicated or expensive project either. Here are three of the simpler ones.

Chameleon-like flooring

Laminate can look like wood, tile or stone, perfect for Texas Southwest-style flooring.

The image is printed with digital photography, so everything is clear. You'll see the knots, raised grains, swirls, veinings, and vibrant colors.

You can even get it cut into planks or tile-sized pieces--some people use grout to add to the realism.

Embossing is another technological marvel because it adds texture. Your floor can look like wire-brushed, a big trend for 2020 or weathered for the reclaimed barn door look that's so hot this year. It can also be hand-scraped or antiqued.

Luxury vinyl (LVF) is also a realistic simulation of authentic timber, stone or ceramic. Like laminate, it can be cut and embossed. Unlike laminate, this is a completely waterproof flooring. While all LVF cores are waterproof, each one has different levels of protection.

Both laminate and vinyl are durable, easy to maintain and budget-friendly. They’re also easy to install and DIY-friendly. Not only does it make a good weekend project, but it adds to cost savings.

Carpet stretches a dollar!

This flooring is much more than just a pretty material. There are hundreds of colors, fibers, and styles from which to choose.

There’s something for every decor and every budget.

Carpet is also hardworking, insulating from noise and protecting from hard falls.

Carpet is considered THE choice when you have kids, senior residents, and pets in the home; it provides traction so there aren't any slip and falls. When there is a fall, it's a lot nicer to fall on a soft surface than a hard one. (By the way, there's an even newer technology that makes carpet pet-friendly, with built-in, permanent stain resistance )

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