While pet owners do adore their precious fur babies, they know very well that their pets also tend to make a mess. Whether it’s fur on the couch, scratched-up furniture, chewed up carpet flooring edges or a pee accident on occasional, the truth is you need special pet-friendly flooring options to keep your home from looking like a war zone. If you’re wondering what type of floors to install for your upcoming renovation, then rest assured we’ll answer that question right now!


As one of the most favorite waterproof flooring alternatives for pet owners, vinyl offers a long list of benefits while still being easy to clean and very budget-friendly. Highly stain and scratch-resistant, you won't ever be worried about your pets running amok in the house – not about those overnight pee accidents your senior dog has once in a while. As a bonus, vinyl is also surprisingly soft to the touch, offering a comfortable surface for your pet to walk and lay on. Plus, because of this added feature, it also provides great traction to reduce slippage.

Ceramic and porcelain

Another equally pet-friendly flooring option is ceramic and porcelain tile. These tiles have a non-porous surface that doesn't absorb water or liquids, making maintenance and upkeep super simple. What's more, they're also scratch-resistant, so there's no need for concern over your pet's claws. It's another low-cost alternative that's an incredibly attractive waterproof flooring.


Time and time again, pet owners report being pleased with laminate's strength, durability, and scratch-resistant abilities. The wonderful thing about laminate is its chameleon-like capabilities, where it's manufactured in a truly endless array of lookalike materials like hardwood and ceramic Lastly, laminate is also another stain-resistant and easy to clean surfacing.

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